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2224 Zachary Bekkedahl – 3050 Max Dlugy 3 minute ICC game

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Welcome to the chessmates website! Check out below to sign up for upcoming tournaments.

Our annual Summer camp just ended and you can see pictures and results on the Summer camp tab above. You can see our main club which runs through the Summer on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm to 6:30pm on the Main club tab above. Check it out there is lots to see!

 “Always be one move ahead”

Chess logo by Bethany Chambers

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July Tournament!

42 competitive chess players competed in the second Summer tournament this year we had some great chess to go along with the tournament here is a slideshow to check out some of the action:

You can see standings for rated sections here:


Also in the unrated section results:

Om Rajasekharan undefeated 5.0!

2nd are 3rd place Ethan Ko 4.0 Adrian Palmer 4.o points

Great job everyone! Were looking forward to our last Summer tournament coming up in middle of August make sure and register for that below and keep practicing!

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Chessmates Summer Series

Summer tournaments!

  • Dates coming up:  August 16th
  • Tournaments will be at T and R Paul Academy 4512 McMurry Dr Fort Collins Colorado 80524.
  •  5 round event with 30 minutes on each clock, one hour total each game

  • Trophies, medals and participation awards will be given out.

  • Sections: k-2 grade, 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade, rated 600-800 k-12, rated 800-1000 k-12 and rated 1000+ (May change based on attendance July had 4 sections: Unrated k-5, Rated u820, u1000, 1000+.

  • Come by 8:30am for players meeting finishing around 2pm awards ceremony.


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Chessmates at Nationals!

Chess Mates Team Goes to Nationals!
The k-6 nationals were held in Dallas Texas May 9th through 11th, 2014. The event is a massive tournament with well over 2000 competitors. Every competitor hopes to finish the tournament with a much coveted trophy, given only to 20 or 25 players in sections of 350+. Out of the 8 players from Colorado who attended, 7 of them were Chess Mates. The seven bright students were: Suhaas Narayanan from Kinard Middle School, Lilly Wilson from Liberty Common School, Ryan Green from Liberty Common School, Aidan Marco from Lesher Middle School, Pristine Cyril from TPAAK charter school, Nicholas Bekkedahl homeschooler, Alexander Marsh homeschooler, and Sam Marsh homeschooler.
Each student prepares months in advance for this tournament, taking weekly lessons, going to chess club, and preparing their openings, middle games and end games for the battle ahead. The night before the tournament two students Lilly and Suhaas and their father’s Stephen and Ravi were at the airport ready to board the plane and about 7pm the night before the tournament when they were told their flight was canceled due to bad weather and all other flights were booked!! Most families would have gone home disappointed since after all that, the trip was off and the hard work must be used next year. Parents must already pay for plane tickets, registrations, lessons, hotel rooms, and many other expenses but Ravi and Stephen are no normal parents! They rented a car and drove 14 hours through the night to arrive in Dallas just a couple hours before the 1st round! Finally, with the whole team in Dallas, ready to go we prepare for round 1:

image (3)

The tournament is 7 rounds with many games going up to the max of 4 hours long. Here is the tournament room full with competitors:

photo 4 (1)
Below is a picture of round 5, where Aidan and Suhaas are the last two games left in the main tournament room with 1500+ players, you can hardly see them at the front of the room:20140511_131250[1]

Each player wrote down the moves of their games and afterwards we went over the games looking for ways to improve their play and get ready for the next round. Many of the Chess Mates players had remarkable scores in the tournament and Suhaas played well enough to earn a trophy making him a national placer in the 4-6th grade championship section!

Left: Suhaas Narayanan, Nico Bekkedahl, Lily Wilson, Zach Bekkedahl

Players are already looking forward to the k-6 nationals in Tennessee next year and the middle school nationals in San Diego! Thanks to the great people who put on the Nationals Tournament, the great parents that support their participants, and the players who put their hearts in the game for the whole tournament, from their proud coach Zachary Bekkedahl who is looking forward to many more Nationals. May you always think one move ahead of your opponents’.

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King’s Gambit Tournament March 29th

Our last tournament of the school year turned out to be a great success! We had 165 participants! Thankyou to everyone who attended! 35 students were able to play in the entire series and were honored with the “Lasker Achievement Award”. Both the series and individual tournament had several noted accomplishments.

Congratulations to Fossil Ridge High School for winning the tournament with 14.5 points! They will be attending the State Team Championship in May.

Congratulations to Kinard Middle School with 23.5 points! Well done!

Congratulations also to, Ridgeview Elementary School, which finished with 19 points!

Section Winners:
k-1: Tyler Thieszen

2nd grade: Allen MacFarland

3rd grade: Traegon Hand

4th grade: Griffin Mcconnell

5th grade: Zachary Contreras

6th grade: Julian Brodsky


7th grade: Guangxin Liu

8th grade: William Hu


High School: Magnus Chun

Rated 800-1,000: Jack Nauman

Overall Series Champions:Rated Section: Suhaas Narayanan

k-1: Thomas Kaduk 25 points

2nd grade: Pristine Cyril 29 points

3rd grade: Rahul Ghosh 25 points

4th grade: Matthew Grumm 27 points

5th grade: Curtis Chun 28 points

6th grade: Kenny Hotra 14.5 points

7th grade: Eric Fukumoto 26 points

8th grade: Robert Macfarland 17.5 points

High School: Alex Gibson 16.5

Rated: Anand Vissa 20 points


20140329_132419[1]                                                                     20140329_103929[1]                                                          kinard329


Thanks for checking out the post!

Zach Bekkedahl

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Chessmates series results

Here is results for our full series! We have 6 tournaments Plus the state tournament this year. The players with the most points in all of the tournaments combined will win my hand made 2′x2′ chess boards in each section! Picture of players winning boards below. This year we will have prizes for 1st-4th place in each section.

Here they are: Standings


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