Tournament series 2015-2016


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July 18 Tournament


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Chessmates Summer camp June 22-26

Chessmates is now taking registrations for Summer camp! Go to the Summer camp tab to check out all the info! This year we will have Grand master Alex Fishbein  as a camp instructor!

Here is a bio of Alex Fishbein:

Alex Fishbein was born in 1968 in St. Petersburg, Russia — then Leningrad, USSR.  From 1975 until 1979 he studied chess under Vladimir Zak, the famous teacher whose other students included Boris Spassky, Viktor Korchnoi and Gata Kamsky.   From Zak, Alex came away with some Soviet chess secrets — but, much more importantly, an everlasting love for chess.   It is this passion for the game that keeps Fishbein competing at the Grandmaster level even now that his main responsibilities lie with his family and his job.   Alex tries to imbue his own students with this same passion.

After immigrating to Denver in 1979, Fishbein quickly rose through the ranks of Colorado chess.   He became master at the age of 14 and was Colorado state champion three times.  He began playing internationally in 1987 and became a Grandmaster in 1992, two years after graduating from the University of Colorado.  Since 1993, Fishbein has lived in New Jersey and worked in the finance industry.  He has continued to play in some of the strongest chess tournaments nationally, including placing as high as 8th in the US Championship.

Alex’s coaching experience dates back to his years in Colorado, when Michael Mulyar, now an International Master and many-time Colorado state champion, was one of his students.  Most recently he has worked with the kids at Newark Academy, the private school in New Jersey which Fishbein’s own kids have attended.  Newark Academy won the K-9 Supernationals in 2013 and is one of the top schools in the country in chess, with several Master- and Expert-level players.  Alex enjoys teaching chess to kids, and he believes that chess can help them in all their other endeavors.

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Kings Gambit standings

March 28th was the last chessmates tournament of the season. We finished with a great group of kids and a really fun tournament. It was special because we also handed out some great series prizes included full sized wooden chess boards to the champions. These kids are doing a fantastic job here is some pictures and standings:

Final standings:

All sections Standings

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Team state tournament March 7th 2015

Team state championship 2015

Only the top 6 teams were invited from elementary, middle school and high school to compete in 4 person teams to be state team champions! Not surprisingly Fort Collins and Chessmates had a fantastic day winning all the sections!

Here is pictures and standings:

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Colorado state scholastic chess 2015 state championship!!!

  • Chessmates took a great group of players into the state championship to represent against the rest of Colorado how did we stack up?!
    • Teams:
    • Kinard Middle school k-8 state champions!
    • Lesher middle school k-8 second place
    • Kinard middle school k-6 3rd place
    • Traut elementary k-3 2nd place
    • Homeschool k-3 3rd place

    Individual chessmates  awards:

    • Suhaas Narayanan k-8 state champion 5.5/6 score!
    • Aidan Marco tied 2nd place k-8 section 5/6 score!
    • Nicholas Bekkedahl 5/6 tied for 2nd place!
    • Sami Al-adsani, Luke Namesnik, Aiden Sirotkine, Kylan Jin and David Gao scored 5/6 points k-6 section tied for 3rd place!
    • Anand Vissa, Josh Lee, and Gavin Trone k-8 section scored 4/6 tied 7th place!
    • Jasom Al-adsani high school section T-7th place 4/6 score!
    • Om Rajasekharan, Nathan Lee, Thomas Kaduk k-3rd grade section 4/6 score tied 8th place
    • Isaac Mount k-6 section scored  4.5/6 tied for 10th place
    • See full state championship standings here:

    Chess teams from the Fort Collins area took over half of the trophies from the state championship. Also notably Poder who competes in our tournament series won the k-3 team championship and many chessmates players compete on the Ridgeview team who won the k-6 and 9-12 section of the state championship! We are proud of all our students hard work and efforts as they played great chess and worked very hard to build up and play at state!!!

    Here is some pictures of the event:

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Queens Gambit All Girls Tournament standings

The chessmates/PSD All girls tournament!


SwissSys Standings. all girls: K-2
# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Isabelle Knowles unr. W11 W8 W2 W6 D3 4.5
2 Michelle Zhou unr. W9 W12 L1 W5 W6 4.0
3 Natasha Gracia unr. W10 D6 W8 W9 D1 4.0
4 Abbigail Henry unr. L6 D7 W11 W13 W9 3.5
5 Shaillee Berry unr. X14 W10 L6 L2 W8 3.0

SwissSys Standings. all girls: 3-5
# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Pristine Cyril unr. W6 W2 W15 W3 W7 5.0
2 Natalie Lin unr. W16 L1 W17 W15 W10 4.0
3 Alexus Rivera unr. W12 W14 W7 L1 W6 4.0
4 Dempsee Rogina unr. W19 L10 W13 D5 W11 3.5
5 Kelly Kline unr. W8 L7 W19 D4 W16 3.5

SwissSys Standings. all girls: 6-12


# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Elizabeth Thilmany unr. B— W3 W2 W5 W4 5.0
2 Maria Passantino unr. W4 W5 L1 B— H— 3.5
3 Kendal Fisher unr. W6 L1 L5 W7 W7 3.0
4 Alvia Cochran unr. L2 B— W7 W6 L1 3.0
5 Lisa Landwehr unr. W7 L2 W3 L1 D6 2.5
6 Mariah Ormsbee unr. L3 D7 B— L4 D5 2.0
7 Gracie Albert unr. L5 D6 L4 L3 L3 0.5
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January 10 standings and pictures

Full standings :

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December 13th Results and pictures!

Results of tournament posted here: December 13 reults

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